La vie nocturne à Paris.

Rules for getting wasted in Paris.

  1. Pre-game with a bottle of wine – Drinks at a nightclub can be from 15-20 euros a pop, which can tally up to quite a bill. Pre-gaming will loosen everyone up for the long, cold metro ride to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Palais Royal Musée du Louvre, or wherever you choose to party. (Plus your heals won’t hurt so bad).
  2. Check in your coat – Even if you have a table, don’t leave your coat laying around, especially if you’re keys and wallet are in your pocket.
  3. Set aside cab money – While the ideal night includes going home when the metro opens, it’s best to set aside some cab money just incase someone gets too drunk, the club is awful, or your just too tired.
  4. Don’t accept drinks from men – When a man buys you a drink, you’re stuck with him for the night. Remember to only accept the drink you poured yourself.
  5. Stick with your girlfriends – The night ends up so much better (and safer) if you’ve brought your best friends.
  6. End the night on stage with the band– that is you’re ultimate goal. Begin by slipping into the VIP lounge if you don’t already have a table. Dance on the couches, eventually the party on stage will let you on.

The best nights at dawn when the metro opens after dancing all night on stage. Let loose and have fun, it’s Paris.