Les Bros.

The thing about guy friends is there always some sort of political game.

Everyone starts out somewhat neutral, bound together by a common friendship. Guys are easy to kick it with. They’re chill and easy going, they love to just have a good time. Girls are so complicated and annoying, you think,  these boys make me laugh.

And then someone starts liking you.

More often than not it’s the unattractive one. Everyone knows about it — including you. It’s cute, but you put your foot down immediately. Hell no is anything happening between us, you think.

And then you start to develop feelings for one of them

Usually he’s the leader of the pack…the one who calls all the shots….maybe he’s the funny one. It didn’t matter before. You could tease each other, pick fights, laugh, joke, wrestle, tickle — it was all just fun. But now, with this silly crush, you cannot help but blush when he pokes fun at you. And the funny thing is…

You can tell he likes you too!

That’s when all the silly drama starts. The boys start acting all weird when you come around.

  • If  you kissed him, that pleasant platonic friendship is over and everything is askew.
  • If you didn’t kiss him, well, you’re still not welcome. He doesn’t want to be bothered by some hot chick who rejected him when he’s with his bros.

Sigh. I still prefer guy friends over girlfriends. But sometimes…

Boys are so complicated.