Va Te Faire Foutre, Golden Rule!

so apparently, if a girl uses the Golden Rule for too long, a guy loses interest…..

…well that explains a lot


Jouez-vous au basket?

In the United States, a tall woman can stand proud.

But here in Paris, things are different. Everything is smaller: the houses, the cars, the people. And to see anything beyond the “standardized portions” is OUTLANDISH.

It does not bother me when old ladies stare in terror because I could trample them with my boots. Or when the seamstress gawks at my feet when she realizes I’m not even wearing heels. No, what is irksome are the number of perfectly legitimate men I must dismiss due simply to height.

Don’t get me wrong, dating a gentleman of the same height or an inch or two shorter is perfectly fine. In fact, knowing that a man is comfortable standing with a partner of equal stature is in itself incredibly sexy. But deep down, a woman does crave to allow a man to feel as he genuinely wants to feel – like a man. There is just something so wonderfully classic about in this dynamic.

It becomes difficult to remain poised when one realizes that if she were to be more generic (that is to say be of average height, have paler skin, blue eyed) she would probably have a greater response from the men around her. (She also wouldn’t suffer from the dreaded Beyonce Curse in which a man is captivated by a beautiful ethnic woman because he finds her exotic for only a short while — a black woman’s jungle fever.)

To want to be more generic is one thing. To be just a few centimeters shorter is quite another. I guess it is no matter really. Yes, it would be wonderful to find nice shoes all the time, but there is also nothing like two tall, beautiful people who are deeply in love strolling arm and arm.

Sometimes, happiness can only found when it is shared.

Tu ne lui plais tant que ça…en ce moment

I would be lying if I were to say I don’t get anxious.

Like many women, I wonder when I will find that special someone. I start to feel antsy and all worked up inside after the dating scene remains undisturbed for too long.

And then I meet someone new. He’s cute, funny, charming and there’s amazing chemistry between us. He likes me and respects me for being the kind of girl he can take seriously. The whole “no sex too soon” rule doesn’t seem to bother him. Things just feel so right and that old terrible anxious feeling is replaced with excitement and anticipation for what could eventually be. Things are going very well and although outside I maintain a cool facade of patience about “us”, inside I’m secretly erupting with exhilaration because I’ve finally found him!

And then he stops calling.

“Is it me?” I always ask myself? “Am I doing something wrong? Do guys think I’m not good enough? Maybe my ‘no fucking too soon’ rule is actually backfiring!”

Why is he just not interested even though we’re perfect for each other?

Men have three modes: play, work, love. Unlike women who can multitask, men can only be in one mode at a time. In general, young men are in play mode, which means they are not interested in being in love – even if it’s looking at them dead in the face.


Mais j’ai soif!

You know the feeling.

It’s that ping of longing you feel after too many sleepless nights. It’s the hunger for a man’s warm body that runs so deep it feels almost animalistic. You don’t have time to play games or be “modest” — you want to be RAVISHED!

What does a lady do when she becomes thirsty?

  • The first option is to follow the example of a man. When a man becomes overwhelmed by his thirst for sex, he simply calls up a former lover or a current lady of interest, invites her over, and enjoys her for the evening. A confident woman should enjoy the same luxury.  I personally admire women who can enjoy an evening of casual sex. To disengage one’s deeper desires for emotional intimacy and simply relish in sexual fulfillment would make life so much easier. Continue reading