Natan et Gary

This short interview features two of my friends from Paris who visited Los Angeles during the summer.

I think it’s pretty funny. Their relationship brings to light an important question about Frenchmen:

How metro is too gay for even the Frenchman?

This interview got me thinking…

When I ask the boys about American girls in France they answer immediately “Obiously to have fun…to have sex.

But they have it backwards.

In truth, in such a situation it is the Frenchman who is looking for fun and sex.

To the Frenchman (not all but many), the American girl is an exciting, fun loving creature and desperate for romance. (What a breath of fresh air compared to the stuffy, complicated Frenchwoman who sees through his tactics).

He also knows that the American girl is obstructed from the values of her culture — thus vulnerable. And so he seduces her, failing to recognize (or care about) how she feels. This — in turn — leads to an insecure, bitter, angry, woman.

It’s a constant circle : men don’t care, women get hurt and become crazy, women terrify men, men don’t care.




Here is my third interview for the Flirting in Paris series.

Antti is a friend of a friend who was kind of enough to give his opinion on dating in San Francisco. He’s Finnish, French, and Luxembourgish. Listen to what he has to say about American girls versus European girls and dating in each of the cultures. He’s quite adorable.

Thanks, Antti + Anna!